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TheMHS 2015 S085A: Creativity and Recovery

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The muse of madness – Tim Heffernan

Tim Heffernan is a published poet, peer support worker and has also been diagnosed with a serious mental illness. During his presentation and discussion Tim took us on a journey through how psychosis has affected areas of his life including work, relationships, creativity and health. A number of poems he has authored were read out giving insight into his episodes of psychosis during his life. Pictures and artwork were also included in the presentation that facilitated in taking the audience back to the streets of Sydney where Tim had experienced a psychotic episode. The psychosis and subsequent pieces of creative writing revolved around world events including war and religious themes. Tim described the writing as a therapeutic process, providing insight into what he had been through. He noted that he released his work through a variety of mainstream settings not just mental health areas. This helped to show this type of work has validity and meaning for others in understanding journeys of psychosis. 

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